Building a comprehensive approach to lung cancer in Europe

Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer-related deaths in Europe, and its burden will remain high for several decades to come. Even though smoking rates are gradually declining, people who used to smoke remain at high risk of lung cancer for many years after quitting, and environmental factors such as air pollution are a growing cause of lung cancer in the entire population.

We have the means to reduce the burden of lung cancer on our society, but it will require a comprehensive and integrated approach. Importantly, we need to dispel the perception that lung cancer is a self-inflicted condition. Early detection needs to be enhanced by implementing large-scale screening programmes that target high-risk individuals, alongside smoking cessation programmes. Complementary approaches, such as incidental pulmonary nodule identification, management protocols and rapid referral pathways from primary to secondary care, are also important to improve early detection. Improvements to lung cancer care pathways are needed to ensure all people have access to multidisciplinary care that encompasses specialist diagnosis, personalised treatments, and palliative and survivorship care. Finally, targeted efforts are required to reduce geographical and socioeconomic disparities in access and outcomes.

Making these changes can deliver benefits beyond lung cancer. Tackling lung cancer can help countries progress towards reducing the overall burden of NCDs on their societies and contribute to greater health system sustainability. With the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and as we look to post-COVID recovery, we have the opportunity to put in place what is needed to improve outcomes for people with lung cancer and reduce the burden the condition poses on our societies.

Join the session Building a comprehensive approach to lung cancer in Europe, hosted by Johnson & Johnson, on Wednesday, 15 June from 14.30 to 15.45 CET, with the esteemed speakers:

  • MEP Manuel Pizarro, Co-Chair of the MEP Lung Group, European Parliament (video contribution)
  • Dr Dariusz Adamczewski, Director Government Affairs & Policy, Johnson & Johnson
  • Dr Alexandre Lourenço, President, Association of Portuguese Hospital Managers; Hospital Administrator, Coimbra University and Hospital Centre
  • Dr Joan Prades, Researcher, Catalan Cancer Strategy, Health Department; Associate Professor, University of Barcelona (UB)
  • Dr Suzanne Wait, Managing Director, The Health Policy Partnership

The session will be moderated by Ms Sara Doguelli, a Graduate in International Health and Social Management, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).