As health systems are analysing their COVID-19 response to implement changes and improve their preparedness for future challenges, several lessons have already emerged. One important takeaway of the pandemic is that effective policies and political leadership were key for a resilient response to a pandemic. It is also apparent that health interventions were easier to establish in countries with stronger public health and primary care systems with strong community linkages. Other lessons learnt include that Universal Health Coverage and primary care are vital components of health systems; that trust is necessary to support measures within and between health ecosystems, and that future health systems depend on people. Investing in the future of health systems is thus an investment in people and in the workforce of the future.  

To increase the resilience and readiness of their health systems, managers must assess challenges and implement innovative solutions from the individual to the systems level. The EHMA 2022 Annual Conference will explore how health services can effectively be managed to ensure a sustainable future. It will highlight strong leadership as a key enabler for transformation towards resilient health systems and will underline the importance of involving every level of the health ecosystem, namely from people to systems. 

Leading experts will dive into five contemporary health management topics, analysed through the lenses of four tracks. As reflected in the conference title, a particular focus will be placed on people, as they form the backbone of our health system. The topic People-centred systems will explore how to include people – not only as patients – when discussing value, developing new technologies, and analysing integrated care needs. The second topic Managing the digital transformation will look at how we can effectively implement digital solutions in health, while simultaneously building trust in new technologies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of investing in the health workforce and safeguarding their wellbeing. Ways to support the health workforce will thus be discussed in the third topic Workforce of the future. The fourth topic, Shaping sustainable systems will investigate what strategies, processes, and solutions health managers can implement to ensure the sustainability of health systems. Lastly, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated already-existing inequalities in healthcare access and outcomes. The topic Improving healthcare access, delivery, and outcomes will therefore look at how health disparities can be addressed to deliver better quality of care and better health outcomes.   

These key topics were chosen following an extensive consultation process with the EHMA Scientific Advisory Committee, the Board of Directors, and EHMA members to ensure that the conference highlights the latest developments in health management.  

Have you carried out research on one (or more) of these topics? Would you be interested in sharing your results with the health management community? Then don’t forget to submit your abstract before Friday, 4 March at 17:00 CET. You will find all the relevant information here.