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Discover this session hosted by MSD

Reducing the environmental impact of medicines: the roles of health managers Medicines are crucial to saving human lives and improving wellbeing. However, when prescribed, used, or disposed of inappropriately, they can impact human health and severely impact wildlife and ecosystems. Medicines can impact the environment through CO2 emissions emitted by the supply chain of medicines […]

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Discover the EHMA 2022 Plenary session: Implementing the lessons learnt from COVID-19

Over the last years, national health systems and pan-European health authorities have worked tirelessly to progress toward managing the pandemic. They have created recovery plans and increasingly worked to strengthen the resilience of their health systems and the sustainability of their resources in an ever-changing context. Many lessons have been identified as a result of […]

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EHMA 2022 Abstract Book is out!

The EHMA 2022 Abstract Book, published by the European Health Management Association (EHMA), is the collection of all the research papers that will be featured in the official programme of the EHMA 2022 Annual Conference.  Held under the main theme ‘From people to systems: Leadership for a sustainable future’, the EHMA 2022 programme will have specific sessions […]

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EHMA 2022 Abstract Session: Governance and leadership of people-centred systems: a value-based perspective

This session takes a value-based healthcare perspective on governance and leadership, and presenters will be discussing frameworks, development of indicators, implementation and the performance of patient-centred healthcare. The following abstracts will be presented: Locum doctors and patient and carer experiences of access and continuity of careby Dr Jane Ferguson, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom […]

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EHMA 2022 Abstract Session: Management, operations and practice in people-centred systems: a value-based perspective

In this session focusing on value-based care, the presenters will address the topics of shifting perspective towards the patient, organising care around patients, value-based consultations and the determinants of clinical engagement in healthcare organisations. The following abstracts will be presented: From a View of the Hospital as a System to a View of the Suffering […]

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Discover this session hosted by the COVIRNA project

The potential of innovative diagnostic tools: personalised disease management for improved health outcomes in COVID-19 patients  Cardiovascular complications arising from COVID-19 are known to contribute significantly to mortality rates. In fact, although the lungs are the main organs involved in COVID-19, one of the major systems affected by the virus is the cardiovascular system. Early […]

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EHMA 2022 abstract session: Management, Operations and Practice to Improve Healthcare Access, Delivery and Outcomes during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The following abstracts will be presented: INTREPID: Artificial Intelligence in disasters, the future is already hereby Ms Marta Burgos Gonzalez, Spanish School of Rescue and Detection with Dogs (ESDP), Madrid, Spain Breast unit safety during COVID-19 pandemic: difference among coordinators and patients’ perceptionsby Mr Eugenio Di Brino, Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy Shared […]

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Discover this session hosted by the Hearing Health Forum EU and supported by MED-EL Medical Electronics

Hearing loss in the ageing population: exploring beyond the obvious In the European Union (EU), 34 million adults live with a disabling hearing loss, of which 22.6 million are not treated.  When left untreated, hearing loss reduces a person’s ability to communicate with others but also impacts speech and language development, educational outcomes, quality of […]

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Discover this session by the Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research and the Joint Action (JA) on implementation of digitally enabled integrated person-centered care (JADECARE) 

Transferring digitally-enabled integrated person-centred care Good Practices to heterogeneous contexts: The JADECARE Joint Action The aging population and the burden of chronic conditions is increasing the demand for more comprehensive, efficient and smarter care. JADECARE (Joint Action on implementation of Digitally Enabled integrated person-centred CARE) intends to reinforce the capacity of health authorities to successfully […]

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