After yet another challenging year, governments are analysing their COVID-19 response and health systems continue working on improving their preparedness for future challenges. The pandemic highlighted not only the need for forward-looking leadership, but also the importance of investing in people – and particularly the health workforce – as they form the backbone of our health systems.  

After two consecutive years of delivering our conferences online, our EHMA 2022 Annual Conference will take place in person again, in Brussels, the very heart of the European Union. The EHMA Conference presents a unique opportunity to bring together an extensive network of key stakeholders and amplify the voice of health managers at a European level. This year is particularly special as it also marks the association’s 40th anniversary. EHMA will celebrate its anniversary with a rich and exciting programme, featuring renowned speakers, interactive sessions, numerous networking opportunities and thought-provoking abstract and poster presentations.  

Together, we will discuss how health managers can lead the way forward to address some of the most pressing challenges health systems are currently facing to ensure a sustainable, healthy future. We will also explore innovative solutions that have been implemented at individual, organisational or systems level to increase the resilience, readiness, and sustainability of health services. 

The conference will feature the latest research by leading experts from Europe and beyond and is going to address key topics in health management, such as digital transformation, people-centred care, workforce development and training, the sustainability of health systems and how to improve access to care. Four conference tracks will guide the conversation around different topics to reflect the many aspects of today’s health management.  

Health managers have an important role in strengthening European health systems and building back better, and act as bridges between decision-makers and the provision of healthcare. In a context of urgency and high pressure on healthcare systems, the EHMA Conference in Brussels comes at a crucial time. Hosting our Annual Conference EHMA 2022 in the heart of Europe will ensure that health managers and professionals can have their voices heard, can connect with decision-makers, and inform policymaking at the European level.  

I am looking forward to seeing you at our conference to celebrate EHMA’s 40th anniversary together!  

Axel Kaehne 
President, and on behalf of the Board of EHMA