EHMA 2022 is the 27th Annual Conference of the European Health Management Association taking place in conjunction with the association’s 40th anniversary. It will bring together key healthcare stakeholders in Brussels providing the latest evidence to guide the much-needed transformation of health systems. It will support managers and health systems to excel in a time where the complexity of the challenge ahead is immense.  

Healthcare staff and health systems are reaching the breaking point as each COVID-19 surge erodes healthcare resources and overwhelms the health workforce while looming accumulations of non-urgent care weigh heavily on health managers’ minds. Health systems, managers, and frontline workers are experiencing critical crisis levels not reached in Europe’s recent history. Health management has never been more important than today.  

The European Health Management Association (EHMA) will be hosting its 27th Annual Conference on 15-17 June 2022 for the first time in Brussels, Belgium. The conference theme ‘From people to systems: leadership for a sustainable future’ will explore challenges and solutions to creating sustainable health systems and ways health managers can lead towards them. 

Health managers have a unique and important role in building back better European health systems acting as bridges between decision-makers and the provision of healthcare. The level of urgency placed on healthcare systems at present is why the EHMA Conference in Brussels is crucial at this time.’ 

Dr Axel Kaehne, President of the EHMA Board

One of EHMA’s main areas of work has been maintaining a dialogue between policymakers, health managers and professionals, thereby facilitating policy refinement and change. The EHMA 2022 Annual Conference is an occasion for health managers and professionals to have their voices heard, to connect with decision-makers, and inform policymaking at the European level.  

‘What I love about the EHMA Annual Conference is how it finds the balance between the strategic and the practical. The Conference identifies and brings to the table the most relevant policy topics with content that is engaging for practitioners as well.’

Dr Josep Figueras, Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 

Every year, the EHMA Annual Conference attracts research from leading universities, creating space to exchange knowledge on excellent delivery of healthcare and showcase evidence-based practices at the country, systems and organisational level. The conference is abstract-driven and features research by leading experts on the most contemporary topics on health management. It is a place for all healthcare stakeholders to come together to exchange innovation and best practices. 

‘Our conference in Brussels is a timely opportunity for the voice of health managers to be heard by decision-makers. The EHMA secretariat has been based in Brussels since the inception of the European Union. Bringing the conference to our home city makes it possible for the extensive network of local health professionals, NGOs, industry, and decision-makers to come together with ease and purpose at this critical time.’

Mr George Valiotis, Executive Director of EHMA

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